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The Other Side of Nurse Abuse

One Google search would reveal that the most known form of nurse abuse involves a patient or a co-worker on the offense and the nurses on the receiving end. On the contrary, appearing on some newspapers are headlines such as “Whidbey General Hospital nurse accused of patient assault” and “Patients’ lives being left at mercy of abusive

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Technological Advances Towards Workplace Security For Nurses

 Workplace security for nurses is one of the biggest issues in the nursing community because studies have proven that violence against health care practitioners is more rampant than violence against any other professionals. In fact, an astounding 82 percent of all physical violence in the health field happens inside the patient room. And in these times of

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Nurse Leadership and Management

How To Become A Leader Material: Nursing Management And Leadership Tips

“Like the way you find a coin and polish it to make it look good, nurses who are fit for nursing management and leadership can be found almost as randomly, but are trained to become better and finally become excellent.” A varied array of career path for nurses is quite large, you might have been

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Nurse Substance Abuse: Ignored, Inclining Problem In The Medical World

Nurses are clearly getting a taste of their own medicine if Dr. Ethan Bryson’s research is to be believed. An expert in addiction, Dr. Bryson quoted that a steady rate of at least two percent (2%) in the field of healthcare is added up to the problem each year. Surprisingly, it is rampant with medical

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A Comprehensive Guide to Useful Nursing References Online

Out of all the thousands and thousands of nursing references today, how will you know which ones are worthy of your time? For sure, your schedule must be tight and your shifts may be erratic. So, we have compiled here a comprehensive guide to help you find relevant RN career information. Learning in the Web

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9 Important New Year Resolutions RNs Could Use

New Year resolutions are pretty much pointless for busy people, including nurses. Somehow, the list becomes a forgotten sheet of paper. At some point, it becomes frustrating. But with a little help, you can actually make New Year resolutions work. The secret is to trim down your resolutions’ scope. Instead of saying “I resolve to

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