Summit Nursing takes tremendous pride in providing our client hospitals with the best RNs out there.

We are different than the large national providers and we want our clients to know why. We understand the nurses’ needs. We understand quality care. We understand census fluctuations. Why do we understand? We understand because we are nurses.

Our internal recruitment practices, coupled with the high standards we hold our employees to, attracts quality nurses from all across the area.

Our interview and follow-up procedures ensure that each applicant’s profile – which includes licensing information, certifications, health records, a drug screen, a background check, and a written exam, among other items – is adequately filled out and promptly sent to your facility for approval.

Summit Nursing understands that attaining success as a staffing agency depends on establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with our client hospitals. Our management team, which includes two critical care nurses, is familiar with how hospital administrations operate, helping to cultivate that positive relationship.

In an effort to maintain that relationship, Summit Nursing offers our Vendor Management Program. We recognize the ever increasing demand for qualified RN’s amidst an ever decreasing supply of labor. The solution – one that has proven to be highly successful with our partnering healthcare facilities – is our Vendor Management Program.

What is the Vendor Management Program and why is it successful? In its role as vendor manager, Summit Nursing acts as a liaison for all of our sub-contracted agencies, with the goal of filling 100% of the RN vacancies. The vendor management methodology has been proven to provide:

• Immediate cost savings for flexible nurse staffing
• Streamlined management system with one standardized bill rate
• One consolidated invoice
• One point of contact
• Improved quality of flexible labor
• Increased productivity by permanent staff and flexible staff
• Increased efficiency in management of all staffing vendors

Currently, Summit Nursing is effectively delivering its vendor management services to a state-of-the-art, expanding acute care hospital system in South Jersey. Since the program’s inception, the hospital has reaped the above-outlined benefits – with emphasis on immediate cost savings, one standardized bill rate, one consolidated invoice, and one point of contact. As a result, Summit Nursing has established itself as a premier organization in the healthcare staffing industry, providing highly professional, cost-effective vendor management services.