Nurse Hero, An Everyday Hero

Everyone can be a hero, capes are not necessary. He can be the boy who helped a woman cross the street, the man who gave food to the beggar, or she can be the nurse who heals and comforts. Stories of a nurse hero are both moving and uplifting. They can open up your eyes to the beauty of your profession.

Stories of New Jersey nurses acting like nurse heroes are everywhere. Some of them are the real-life stories of Evelyn Personeus, Janet Hansraj, and Mavis Doozie.

Evelyn Personeus of Bergen Regional Medical Center, New Jersey

She could be enjoying a great sleep at that instant when suddenly a loud uproar was heard from the front-yard. A car crashed, and instinct told her that she needed to do something to help save the victim. She could immediately ask other to take her place, after all, it’s her day of rest; instead she walked through the ravage to search for the injured person within the fire and chaos. Evelyn stayed there with the victim as she ensures that the airways are open. She did not just help the person survive but she became an inspiration to hope in times where hope seems afar. Indeed, Evelyn is a true great hero among the New Jersey nurses.

Janet Hansraj of Pascack Valley Hospital, New Jersey

Misfortunate events can sometimes unveil a true nurse hero. At the glimpse of an upturned car, Janet Hansraj immediately rushed through the scene to find an almost lifeless victim inside. Without any second thought, Janet hurriedly instructed others to help her extricate the victim out of the vehicle. She then instantaneously performed critical first-aids procedures to stabilize the victim and to keep him breathing. It’s a life and death situation but thankfully Janet was there to openly give her help. Indeed, she’s a nurse hero to be proud of.

Mavis Doozie of the Visiting Nurse Association, New Jersey

Just after the Hurricane Sandy swept the whole New Jersey in chaos, Mavis Doozie went out of the street with fresh blood spilled all over her clothes. She just delivered a healthy baby along the busy street of southwest Newark, and she is now madly asking cars to move out of the way. While Mavis is a trained New Jersey nurse but her field of specialty is different. Just minutes before this heart melting scene, Mavis could feel fear creeping through her senses as she must decide whether to proceed or retract herself from delivering the baby. And guess what she did? She stood up against fear, uncertainties, and doubt because of a simple yet genuine reason: she wanted to help. Her bravery suddenly became a talk of the town, even high ranking government officials were amazed with what this nurse hero did to save the life of the child and the mother.

Still, there are many unsung New Jersey nurse heroes all around and regardless whether their efforts were recognized or not, they continue to do what their heart whispers. They incessantly serve others even outside their work zones. Do you know a nurse hero? Share her story to us and extend the reach of his or her influence.

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